2. The “Down” Chimney

The party had set off in search of the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker and his human bodyguard Sildar. Sneaking up on the goblin cave they surprised the goblin lookouts. Leofric forced one of them to surrender and Tunwéya attempted to do the same but failed to intimidate so instead hacked it to death. Tunwéya redeemed himself by quieting some rabid wolves just inside the goblin cave. Darry and Ogodrok repeatedly failed to climb up a natural chimney stack and the party contemplated whether they were really cut out for the adventuring life. Undeterred, they carried on through the caves pushing their captured goblin, Slugmug, ahead of them. They spotted a lookout on a bridge and sent Slugmug to persuade the scout to move. This backfired and the scout signalled for some dams to be broken to flush out the intruders. Leofric was washed out of the cave but when the goblins tried the same trick he was wise to the trap. The party then fought on two fronts after stumbling on a goblin camp while the bridge goblins rushed them. The combat in the narrow tunnel was difficult. Leofric was knocked unconscious, Hinnerk and Ogodrok were almost downed but Xanthe’s ranged spells helped tip the balance. Just before his sudden but inevitable demise the goblin boss demanded the party surrender. When they did not he pushed the bound Silgar over a 20ft ledge, the impact knocking him unconscious. While this was occurring, Darry went off on a ramble, finding a room occupied by a Bugbear and a wolf who seemed to be guarding some crates. He almost fumbled his sack of ball bearings before quietly scattering them across the floor. Meanwhile the bulk of the party considered resting and began to loot the room.

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