3. On to Phandalin

The party (minus Darry) attempted to stabilise Sildar and eventually used their last healing spell on him. As he slowly got to his feet, shouting could be heard in the direction Darry was last seen. The party rushed towards the noise and found that Darry had been attacked and incapacitated by a wolf. One by one they stepped over the unconscious halfling and fought off the goblinoid attackers. Ogodrok defeated a bugbear and claimed its axe as his own, immediately discarding his own battleaxe. With the last of the cave’s inhabitants defeated they searched the remaining room, finding supplies marked with a blue lion symbol and a treasure chest full of silver and copper pieces. While they rested in the cave, Sildar explained that he and Gundren had been captured by the goblins while on their way to Phandalin. Gundren’s brothers had discovered the location of the legendary Wave Echo Cave and Gundren was in position of a map showing its location. He knew that Gundren had been taken elsewhere but wasn’t sure where. Tunwéya found a letter on one of the goblins which gave orders to capture Sildar and Gundren and send Gundren and his map on to Cragmaw Castle. It was signed with a Black Spider motif.

Rested and refreshed the party continued to Phandalin, arriving there late in the evening. They went to the Stonehill Inn and overpaid for drinks and lodging, offering free beer to the patrons. They listened to some rumours and asked questions about a group of local thugs called the Redbrands. The innkeep suggested that they talk in the morning about the Redbrands and the party retired to their rooms.

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