4. Tourists in Phandalin

Waking to the smell of frying eggs and sausages, the party assembled in the common room of the Stonehill Inn finding that Xanthe and Sildar had already left to run errands. Darry spoke to Toblen the Innkeep who explained that the Redbrands had been extorting money from him, bullying the townsfolk and murdered the local woodcutter. As they were having this conversation one of the Redbrands, Florina, came in to collect money from Toblen. Darry asked Florina about the Redbrands and expressed an interest in joining them. He claimed to be an important person and that the rest of the party were his bodyguards. Florina told them to come to the Sleeping Giant Inn later that afternoon to talk further.
At the Lionshield Coaster, Leofric negotiated a 50gp finder’s fee for the crates they had found in the goblin cave. If the crates were recovered the money would be handed over when they next returned to the store. At the Shrine of Luck, Tunweya asked Sister Garaele if there were any libraries or sources of divination magic in the area. She told him about a spirit called Agatha who could be found west of Conyberry. This spirit could answer any question asked of it. Sister Garaele wanted him to ask Agatha for the location of a long lost spell book belonging to the wizard Bowgentle. Agatha would require a gift that appealed to her vanity but Sister Garaele had already given such an item to Xanthe earlier that day.
At Barthen’s Provisions the party received the 100gp promised to them for escorting Gundren’s supplies to town. The money had been left for them by Sildar earlier that day before he went to get replacement weapons and armour. Elmar Barthen explained that the Redbrand’s were trouble and someone should do something about them. He also mentioned that Gundren’s brothers (Nundro and Tharden) had arrived in Phandalin a while ago and came into town about once every tenday (week). They were a few days late showing up this time.

On the way to Edermath’s Orchard the party saw Sildar. He hadn’t yet bought any replacement equipment. He suggested that the party should set off to look for Gundren later that day and not dally in town. The party failed to persuade him otherwise. He offered them 200gp to accompany him and agreed to meet up later in the tavern.

At the Orchard, Darry explained to Daran Edermath (the owner) that he’d come to help with the Redbrand’s while Leofric claimed the rest of the party were members of the Cider Union Tasters of Neverwinter. Edermath claimed the Redbrands didn’t bother him and gave everyone some strong cider to taste. Hinnerk bought a keg. There was a small boy up a tree sawing off branches and Og growled at him causing him to fall off and be knocked unconscious. Edermath rushed over with surprising speed and revived the boy.

Darry later revealed that Edermath had told him the Redbrands needed to be dealt with and their leader brought to justice but the thugs killed. Their hideout was underneath Tresendar Manor on the edge of town. The party were unsure how Darry knew all of this.

A notice on the Townmaster’s Hall gave details of a bounty for killing a band of Orcs. Inside Leofric claimed they had captured an Orc and pointed to Og. Confused, the Townmaster Harbin Wester began to take Og to the cells before the others in the party intervened. Harbin claimed the Redbrands were a mercenary company not unlike the party and no real threat to the town. The party sensed he was actually scared of the Redbrands. Harbin agreed to allow the party to investigate the murder under his authority and bring any suspects to him. He gave them a note with his personal seal on.

Leofric headed to the Miner’s Exchange and spoke to its proprietor Halia Thornton. She suggested that it might be a good idea if someone could deal with the Redbrand’s and inferred such a service could be rewarded with 150gp, more if their leader was killed but the members spared.

Leofric returned to the tavern while Og and Tunweya went to investigate the Woodcutter’s Lodge and Darry and Hinnerk set about breaking into the Townmaster’s home.

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