6. Into the Crypt

As the party left the hideout they were followed by a member of the Redbrands who asked them to come back down. His name was Brecht and he gave them all a tattered red cloak each and a pamphlet. He showed them around the hideout and led them to a room where members of the gang were playing a dice game. Darry suggested they play cards and a few hands were played while Tunwéya and Leofric explored. They found the cells and looted some sarcophagi. Darry and Hinnerk quizzed the Redbrands about the killing of the woodcutter. The Redbrands turned in for the night and Xanthe listened at a door they had been warned to avoid. She heard strange phrases in goblin and the party decided to not disturb whoever was in the room. Instead they crept into Glasstaff’s laboratory and stole a few things. Then they entered his study but he was ready for them. As they tried to kill the wizard he used spells to protect himself and expedite his escape. He disappeared through a secret door and the party chased him as far as the crypt while they tried to wear down his magical defences.

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