8. The Box

Hinnerk and Leofric visited Sildar and persuaded him to become sheriff. They explained that could conscript the remaining eight Redbrands who are due to give themselves up and return to town at noon. Leofric dumped a large stash of weapons on the ground, filling the small room.

Tunwéya found an odd stone structure outside of town and made some herbal remedies. Og also wondered outside of the town, found a magic moss stone and talked to a squirrel.

Xanthe helped out as the shrine and pleased her god.

Darry bought a disguise kit and spread rumours of Glasstaff’s capture. He also learnt that there is a Druid living in Thundertree who knows the land well.

Glasstaff was handed to the Townmaster who put him in his cells. As Glasstaff left the cottage a small metal puzzle box fell from his robe. The party took turns to keep watch on the Townmaster’s Hall.

In the tavern, the remaining members of the party tried to open a puzzle box found on Glasstaff but failed. It hurt people who tried and failed to open it. They asked Sister Garaele to help but the box knocked her unconscious.

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