9. The Assassination

On the morning of 13 Tarsakh, Sildar arrived at the Stonehill Inn to speak with the party. He questioned them about the bloodstains at the woodcutter’s mill. The party told him the truth that they had found a corpse there and used it to trick the Redbrands. Sildar left to deal with the corpse but not before oddly asking the party if they liked apple pie.

Whilst on the outskirts of town, Tunwéya was met by a dwarf fleeing from a mad half elf. He dissuaded the dwarf from clubbing the half elf and took him to Sister Garaele as he thought she may be able to help the poor wretch. He was correct and for a price she removed the curse that afflicted the young half-elf. The dwarf and half-elf introduced themselves as Tam and Bromdor, miners working a mine a few miles outside of town. Tunwéya recognised a ring on Tam’s finger which he had given to a woman he had been infatuated with a few decades earlier. Tunwéya later confessed to being Tam’s natural father. Tam left, unsure what to do with the revelation but telling Tunwéya where he could find him.

Darry and Og went about town spreading rumours of Glasstaff’s capture. They also picked up the following rumours while speaking to the locals: The Rockseeker brothers were heading to Icespire Peak. A wizard called Wak Rathar has made camp at Old Owl Well. Daran Edermath has been murdered. The leader of the Redbrands has been captured. Halia will run for Townmaster and will surely win.

Leofric and Xanthe spent the day figuring out how to open the puzzle box found on Glasstaff. Inside they found a lengthy and complicated contract between the wizard and the Black Spider. In it Glasstaff had agreed to work towards the utter destruction of The Rockseeker Brothers and their employees in return for a one third share of the contents of Wave Echo Cave.

Later during the night, Hinnerk and Tunwéya kept watch on the Townmaster’s Hall. They failed to spot a shadowy figure slip into the hall. They did see it leave the hall and attempted to follow as it hid on the rooftop. Just before it loosed a crossbow bolt at Hinnerk, Tunwéya was spotted in a flanking position and the assassin fled. Hinnerk and Tunwéya didn’t engage in combat but chased at a distance. By the time the rest of the party joined, the assassin had passed the outskirts of town, running off into the night. Og, Tunwéya and Xanthe unsuccessfully tried to track the assassin. Frustrated they resolved themselves to not give up yet.

Leofric, Hinnerk and Darry returned to the Townmaster’s Hall and found Glasstaff dead. He had been killed by a crossbow bolt laced with potent poison. They decided to sleep in the cells in case the dead wizard had on last trick up his sleeve.

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