10. Dead Man’s Shoes

On the edge of town in the dead of night, Og, Tunweya and Xanthe continued to try and track the assassin. Og climbed a tree and spotted a figure in the distance. It stumbled and fell, then searched around on the ground before running off into the woods. They went to that spot and searched amongst the undergrowth. Tunweya found a mushroom, Og started chatting to a hedgehog and Xanthe found a note. The note gave instructions for the assassin and detailed the location of a meet up for payment which would happen in 24 hours. Og began collecting slugs and gave some to the hedgehog while eating one himself. He said the hedgehog had told him the assassin had continued eastwards. The three adventurers returned to their companions and rested for the night.

Sildar appeared following the commotion in the hall and said he wanted to see the group tomorrow. They found him in the tavern sitting at a table covered in papers. Sildar explained that the woodcutters wife said she had been burgled and her life savings taken. Tunwéya said there must have been some misunderstanding as the money was just resting in his coin purse. He handed it over. Sildar also said that the Townmaster had reported a break in and Darry and Hinnerk had been seen in town asking where the Townmaster lived just before the burglary. Leofric interjected and explained they did indeed have a box that belonged to the Townmaster but it was found in the Redbrand’s hideout and contained some questionable etchings.

The party headed out to Dragon’s Maw/Moor/More, the location detailed in the assassin’s note. There they found an empty tent. They crept into hidden positions to watch the tent. A few hours passed before Xanthe noticed someone else hiding, watching the tent. She stealthily crawled right up to the figure without being detected and recognised the assassin. She slowly took out her shortsword and ran it through the assassin’s neck, killing it instantly.

They stripped the assassin and put her in the bag of holding (which already held Glasstaff’s corpse). Tunweya noticed that the assassin’s throat was scarred and she seemed to be missing her larynx. Darry put on the assassin’s clothes, pocketed the wyvern poison found on her and sat next to the tent and waited.

Hours passed as the sun went down revealing the stars winking in the dark night. A goblin approached and in common asked Darry if the job had been done. He nodded. The goblin said the mistress would be pleased and dumped a large bag of gold at his feet. It then turned and left the way he came. The party followed the goblin while he ambled through the woods and began to whistle. After a few miles the goblin came to the foot of a mountain, climbed up to a ledge and disappeared into a cavern. The party considered their next move.

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