11. Treading Carefully

Darry joined the party and changed back into his half-halfling sized armour while Leofric squeezed into the tight black studded leather armour. The group climbed up to the ledge and entered the cavern. The rough hewn cavern turned to neat carved and dressed stone and the sound of waves could be heard echoing through the cave. Tunweya and Ogodrok spotted a pressure plate and a trap door hidden in the ceiling. They skirted round this and began to explore the cavern. Xanthe found some suspicious looking holes in the wall of a corridor where some of the floor tiles were slightly higher than others. Og found himself at the bottom of a pit with a rope leading up and out to the south. As they continued to explore, an Ochre Jelly oozed through a narrow crack in the ceiling behind the party and dropped down to the floor with a splat. They fought the jelly and Og slashed it in two while Xanthe and Leofric devastated it with bolts of arcane energy, eventually killing it.

They continued north following the tracks of a goblin and spotted a few Kobold by a pool. A few turned into many and the Kobold pummelled Hinnerk with slingshot but he held fast as the solitary vanguard of the group.

Leofric let rip a shattering thunderclap which took out five of the kobold and caused the remaining dragonkin to flee. Eight kobold corpses littered the cavern and the party collected items of varying usefulness and value from them. Leofric took off his newly acquired leather trousers and waded into the water. He planned to scout out the stream that fed the pool but found a skeleton and decided the haul it from the pool. In one of its bony hands he prised two platinum rings and a wand of Magic Missiles.

As Leofric braced himself for another swim, Darry started to set up camp while Xanthe carefully scouted a little further into the corridor leading from the dark pool cavern.

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