14. Don’t go in the… too late

The party decided to go through the barricaded door beyond which Grum said there were undead things lurking. Hinnerk and Leofric scouted ahead and found a large banqueting hall with raised areas either side. They ventured further in and saw a portal. Hinnerk felt compelled to enter the portal and believing this to be a very good idea attempted to do just that. Leofric tried in vain to stop him but Hinnerk walked straight in and vanished. A voice echoed around the cavern, its source seemed to alternate from left to right. The Black Spider congratulated the group for getting this far but explained they did not comprehend the forces at play. She demanded that they join her in the eternal fight, the only fight that truly mattered, the Blood War between the legions of Hell and the chaos of the Abyss. She promised them power if they helped her. The party hesitated and slowly moved into the hall. The Black Spider fired a Magic Missile spell as a warning. The party continued to slowly advance into the hall and refused The Black Spider’s offer.

The full fury of The Black Spider was unleashed and a frantic battled ensued. Unseen from the higher ground, spells began to rain down on the party. They fought back but at first could not see their adversary until two identical drow were spotted on either side of the hall. Leofric ran into the portal after his friend. One of the drow had an unconscious dwarf in front of her and the other drow used Magic Missile to kill it and trap its soul in her staff. Two red eyes appeared on the spider motif atop the staff. As the portal was closed, Og could sense that one of the drow was a devil in disguise and the party focused their attacks on that one while Xanthe concentrated on the other.

Tunwéya launched volleys of Ice Knife at her with varying degrees of success. Darry leapt out from under a table, dashed behind the devilish black spider and skewered her, leaving her body to fall down the escarpment into the centre portion of the hall. However, this only caused the effects of a polymorph spell to be broken and a tall, lean, muscular devil rose up from where the drow had fallen. Covered in chains she began to animate more chains that were scattered across the room and she began to restrain the party. The remaining drow Black Spider intimidated Grum and commanded him to attack Tunweya. With Darry now downed and bleeding out, Tunweya could see the devil Black Spider was reeling and fired once last Ice Knife but he was harried by Grum and it missed. The little goblin stabbed Tunwéya in the kidney and watched him fall. The razors and barbs sprung from the chains and took out Xanthe and only Og was left standing. The devilish Black Spider demanded Og surrender and in return would let his friends live. Surrender was the one thing Og could not allow himself to do (or even fully comprehend) and as he tried to fight on the razored chains bit deeper and he too lost consciousness.

The hall fell silent except for the intermittent wave like noise which filled the mine. The devil walked up to Grum and congratulated him before the drow slit his throat from behind and his soul was taken by the staff. The devil opened the portal again and entered. The drow ensured that the chains around the captured adventurers were fastened tightly as she searched them; taking for herself any gold, silver and jewels she found.

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