16. A relaxing break at the Murder Spa

After giving out supplies to the refugees the party reentered the city and spoke to Commander Zodge. He gave them more details on the Cult of the Dead Three who he suspected were behind the increase in murders in the city. He wanted them to check out a bath house in the Heapside district and was short of soldiers due to the refugee problem. He deputised Xanthe, Tunweya and Og and promoted Hinnerk to the rank of Gauntlet (Corporal).

The party went straight there and were offered free use of the facilities by the employees. Leofric and Tunweya took a bath together while Darry asked about the plumbing and Hinnerk had a good look round. Og compared the interior to the many other bath houses he had seen. Xanthe brushed up on her spells hoping the damp air would not damage her spellbook. After his bath, Leofric went for a massage which helped him to relax and truly unwind for the first time in months. While the masseuse walked up and down his spine, he contentedly stared aimlessly at the wall. He noticed that there was a draft blowing dust from a gap in the wall. He asked the masseuse to fetch some oils, the names of which he’d just made up. Hinnerk distracted the masseuse on her way back to buy more time. A naked Leofric alerted Darry and he pushed the wall to discover a secret door. Darry scouted ahead. Leofric told the masseuse he and his colleagues needed to use the treatment room for a small meeting. Bemused she allowed it and a the party gathered in the room while Leofric dressed, struggling to get his black leather women’s trousers back on. They barricaded the door with the massage table.

The party caught up with Darry and they found a partially flooded sewer system. Exploring the extensive network of tunnels they found iconography relating to the Dead Three. One room contained three corpses arranged in a triangle around a lit torch. Darry and Hinnerk sauntered in. The corpses turned out to be living cultists who jumped to their feet and attacked the two trespassers.

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