17. Worst. Spa. Ever.

The cultists were cut down with ease as Hinnerk showed off his recently acquired prowess with duel wielding. The cultists had nothing of note on them but the party found three spellbooks hidden in the next room. They continued to explore the tunnels and found two heavily armoured cultists torturing a chained man. The cultists stood little chance as Og sliced one almost in half. Hinnerk pulled his longsword from the belly of the remaining foe. He noticed a set of keys on the body and took them. He turned around to see Darry picking the prisoner’s manacles and with a dramatic flourish he caused them to fall to the floor. At the same moment, two shortswords flew across the room from a suit of armour obscured in an alcove. They began to attack the party. These we smashed to pieces and the party tuned their attention to the prisoner. His name was Klim Jhasso and he explained he’d been kidnapped by the cult. He assumed it was for ransom as him family is rich. He offered to pay the party a large reward if they helped him escape the sewer. They agreed and gave Klim some armour and a weapon.

Xanthe explored further and found what she assumed as a witch doing something to a corpse that had been laid out on a table. Skeletal rats scurried around the witch’s feet. Xanthe managed to retreat undetected and the rest of the party rushed in claiming to be cultists themselves. Darry pointed behind the witch and shouted “what’s that?” To his and everyone else’s surprise the witch turned round and the party pummelled her with magic and ranged weapons. Hinnerk leapt onto the the table and ran the witch through. Leofric started playing his panpipes and charmed the rats, commanding them to stop gnawing at Tunwéya and leave this place. On the witch they found a silvered skull flail and a spell book. Leofric opened the spellbook and a wisp of black smoke rose from its pages and coalesced into a skull that cackled madly for a few seconds before it dissipated. He suddenly didn’t feel so good but was well enough to continue. As the party planned their next move, Kilm cowered behind them all hoping for his nightmare to soon be over.

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