18. The Candle Never Lit

The group moved through the sewers exploring further into the lair of the Cult of the Dead Three. Hinnerk saw a rat scurry by and brutally skewered it with a thrown dagger. Klim, Darry and Leofric hung back and spoke to each other in whispered voices. Carefully moving onwards the party came to an open sarcophagus with a shallow layer of black sludge inside. They decided to leave it, retraced their steps and explored further on. They found an altar covered in bones and topped with four black candles. Og detected undead nearby and found bones amongst some rubble. Together with Hinnerk they smashed the bones to pieces. However Og could still sense undead and was worried. Meanwhile, Xanthe explored ahead of the group and came across a flooded cavern filled with flammable gas. She reported back and the group eventually decided that Og would throw a lit torch into the area to ignite the gas. He did this and the cavern lit up as a bright inferno briefly burned.

Turning their attention back to the altar, Leofric had summoned a seemingly friendly skeleton in an attempt to identify the source of the undead that Og had sensed. The skeleton pointed to the bones the party had smashed and it seemed a little sad. Leofric began to light the candles on the altar but before he could light the last one Og grabbed it and threw it across the room.

The party pressed on and found a corridor with four doors in it. They went through the last door and found a torture chamber with two bound humanoids. One was a dead human that Klim recognised. The other, a tiefling, was unconscious. They revived and released her and learnt her name was Vendetta Kress. She told the party she had been attacked and kidnapped whilst making deliveries in the Lower City. Leofric gave her a silvered skull flail and a shield which she gladly took.

The party searched the other rooms they had passed. One contained an empty sarcophagus. Another contained a sarcophagus with a false bottom. Tunweya suggested that Xanthe smash it with her staff. Inside they found a mummy floating in a shallow pool of red brine. It had moonstones in its eye sockets. They decided not to desecrate it and placed the broken plaster back on top of it the best they could. Hinnerk opened the final room only to be confronted by a horde of six zombies that immediately shambled towards him.

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