20. The Vanthampur Plot

After the party looted the cultists, Darry spoke to the person hiding from the fighting. She was an old lady called Nebra and explained she’d been taken by the cult as a slave. She helped the party find a safe place to sleep. The chamber was a little cramped after Hinnerk had dragged the unconscious Vendetta in with them. On Hinnerk and Leofric‘s watch Nebra said she needed to relieve herself and Hinnerk went with her. He waited behind a door but listened intently and heard whispers in a language he didn’t know. As he checked on Nebra he instead found a dark robed cultist and he immediately attacked. The cultist kept vanishing after attacking. Leofric joined after hearing the commotion but in his haste he neglected to wake anyone else in the group. He threw a jar of dirt in the room and for a moment saw where the cultist stood. Unfortunately, the jar also contained a beating heart which landed on the stone floor with a wet thud and lay there motionless. By now the noise had woken up the others. Tunweya threw ink in the melee and revealed the position of the cultist once again and she was taken down by Darry. The party returned to their rest with Og and Xanthe now on watch. Og heard the faint sound of stone scraping on stone somewhere nearby. Once fully rested the party returned to investigate the scrape marks near the torture chamber and Xanthe discovered a hidden door. She pushed it open and continued inside. She saw two men circling each other with weapons bared. One of the men — a tall, unarmored brute with a greatclub and a scarred face — towered above his opponent but was gravely wounded. The smaller figure was muscular and bare-chested. He clutched a bloody dagger in one hand and a torch in the other, and had no flesh covering his skull. The skull face man struk the larger man down and then attempted to run deeper into the sewer. Instead Og compelled him to approach which he did but with his knives drawn.

Tunwéya used a Hold Person spell to devastating effect, allowing the rest of the party to hack away at the paralysed foe, inevitably killing him. The skull face man had called the large man Mortlock and the the party moved to heal and question him. They learnt the Vanthampur family had been paying the cult to destabilise the city. The aim was to help Duke Thalamra Vanthampur, Mortlock’s mother, gain control of Baldur’s Gate in the Grand Duke’s absence and eventually drag the city down into the Nine Hells. Mortlock had also been disrupting his brother Amrik’s drug dealing network in an attempt to make him look bad. Amrik had been selling Sight at a heavily discounted price. To Mortlock’s surprise, Amrik had sent assassins after him. Mortlock spoke of another brother, Thurstwell who stays in the family manor and gathers information through his imp spies. Mortlock said he wanted to leave the city on the first availble ship and never come back. The party believed him and let him go. He directed them to the treasure horde that was being used to pay the cultists. Klim immediately ran to the chests, rummaged through and pulled out a parchment packet. Hinnerk failed to stop him pouring the contents of it into his eye. When Klim looked up he seemed alert and observant for the very first time but Hinnerk noticed that the whites of Klim’s eyes had turned blood red.

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