21. Interior Design

The party looked around the chamber and collected the treasure that the Vanthampur family had been paying the Cult of The Dead Three. They also found a drug known as Sight in its raw and processed forms. They returned to the Bathhouse while Leofric collapsed the entrance to the sewers on their way out. In the Bathhouse they found more dead cultists this time with dragon masks. It seemed that an ambush had been set up for anyone coming up from the sewers. They assumed that Mortlock had came this way and carved a path through the cultists. On leaving the building Klim froze. He pointed at two pigeons and said to Darry “Can you see them?” Confused, Darry asked what Klim saw and he described two small humanoid creatures with wings, barbed tails and horns. The party attacked with Og rushing up and slicing one of the Imps in half. Xanthe used the Wand of Wonder that Tunwéya had given her but only caused a light drizzle around the remaining Imp. The other was briefly caught in Hinnerk‘s net before escaping but was then cut down by Og’s mighty axe. The bodies of both Imps burnt and quickly turned to ash.

Vendetta gave her leave and set off to try get her old job back with the silver skull flail slung over her shoulder. Klim led the party to his manor house in the Upper City, passing though the Heap Gate unaccosted by The Watch. (The Watch are the guardians of the noble families in the Upper City). The party noticed there was no one to greet Klim and he had to find a hidden key to the door to let himself in. The party followed as Klim continued round the corner into the manor’s great hall. The house was empty without even curtains on the wall. A small camp had been set up in a corner of the great hall with a tent and bed roll next to the grand fire place. Kilm rummaged in the tent and returned to the party handing them 6 silver pieces. He said it was all he had. His father had run up debts and when Klim had taken over the family business he was unable to keep it afloat. Darry struck a deal where the party would stay at Klim’s house in exchange for 1 dose of Sight a day and 70gp. Klim began moving his meagre possessions up to one of the bedrooms and told the party they had the run of the place. Tunwéya and Hinnerk went shopping for food, ink and curtains. Leofric also went shopping on his own a bit later while Xanthe studied the spell books she had found.

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