22. The Manor

On their way back from grocery shopping, Hinnerk brought an ornate but functional silvered shortsword. The shopkeeper tried to sell him a magic shortsword that had a black spider motif on the pommel. The shopkeeper explained that he’d received a large shipment of magic weapons and was keen to sell them off below their market price.

Og and Xanthe went looking for a temple to try and secure more aid for the refugees. They entered the Temple of Oghma and spoke to a priest who was unmoved by their plea. Xanthe was especially annoyed and questioned what type of church refused to help people. The pair left and spent 43gp on food and delivered it to the refugees outside the city. The knights of Elturel known as the Hellriders were organising the refugees. Og used his healing abilities to tend to the sick. While they were there Og and Xanthe learnt that Thavious Kreig was last seen being escorted into the city by guards and that the Hellriders had sent an agent into the city on a secret mission to do with the Vanthampur family.

At the Jhasso Manor, Darry talked to Klim at length about the noble houses of Baldur’s Gate and the political situation within the city. Later on there was a knock at the door. A servant of the Boswell family, Sydwell was attempting to buy three doses of Sight from Klim. The party allowed this and gave Klim the drugs and let him keep the money. In the evening Hinnerk reported in to Commander Zodge at the Basilisk Gate. Zodge was pleased to hear they had killed a lot of cultists and gave Hinnerk 20gp for expenses with a further 380gp to follow if there was a reduction in murders by the cultists. He also ordered Hinnerk to arrest any Hellriders found within the city. He mentioned he may have more jobs later but there was nothing at the moment.

With everyone now back at the Jhasso Manor they plotted their next moves. The party decided Darry and Tunwéya would attempt to meet the Dukes to get more information on what was going on amongst the city’s ruling elite. Hinnerk and Og were to gather intelligence at the docks and try to find Vendetta at The Manticore Inn in the outer city. Leofric and Xanthe decided to spend some time at the The Low Lantern. They would go in disguise and watch the goings on there and pick up any rumours doing the rounds.

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