24. Ashes to Ashes

Xanthe and Leofric headed to a nearby alley and opened the bag of holding, thought about the ravens and pulled out handfuls of warm ash instead. Darry, Tunwéya and Reya passed by the alley and spotted their friends dusting the ash off their hands. They all decided to head back to the Jhasso Manor. On the way they were held up by two Flaming Fist guards who were suspicious of Reya but eventually let them pass. Leofric confused the guards by telling them to be suspicious of any birds that acted strangely.

Meanwhile at the Manticore, Hinnerk had started a fight with two dwarfs which resulted in Vendetta knocking one unconscious and killing the other. Og checked the dwarves stabilising one and finding the other beyond his healing capability. Vendetta felt she needed to lay low for a while, so soon left despite Hinnerk’s plea for her to stay. Og slung the unconscious dwarf over his shoulder left the tavern with Hinnerk. They discussed what to do with the dwarf and decided to take him to the Flaming Fist jail at the Basilisk Gate. Hinnerk had the dwarf locked up and returned with Og to the Jhasso Manor. The arrived around midnight to find Klim trying to get another dose of Sight. His red eyes showed that he’d taken some recently. Leofric refused but Klim said that in exchange he’d acquired an audience with Duke Stelmane for the party. He exchanged a calling card for a packet of Sight and disappeared back to his room.

The party slept for the night and over breakfast discussed their next moves. Reya reminded them that they had promised to help her find High Overseer Kreig and she intended to go directly to the Vanthampur Manor. Feeling she was likely going to get herself in trouble, Darry persuaded her to wait a day while they made further enquiries with the noble houses and possibly scouted around the manor for an entrance via the sewers.

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