26. Sewer Shenanigans

Hinnerk and Darry spotted a concealed sewer access grate near to the Vanthampur compound as they headed back to the Jhasso Manor.

Meanwhile, Leofric, Xanthe, Tunwéya and Og had left the manor to look for ways into the sewer near to the Vanthampur Villa.

Found a way in to sewers. Explored and sought help from some rats. Persuaded a giant octopus not to fight them but it disappeared with their newly acquainted rat companions.

Explored further and Og fought off two Water Weirds. Eventually found the tunnel blocked by iron bars and beyond could see green lanterns hanging from the ceiling and the smell of incense hung in the air.

“The sewer tunnel slopes up gradually toward the north, channelling water and sewage into the city’s sewer system. The tunnel is blocked by a 10-foot-square barrier composed of vertical iron bars with 6-inch gaps between them — enough room for a rat to saunter through, but too narrow for normal-sized characters to squeeze through. The bars are embedded deep into the stone of the floor and ceiling.”(edited)

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