27. Under the Villa

Returned to the Jhasso Manor and rested for the night. Darry bought some acid to melt the iron bars.

They returned to the sewer entrance that Darry and Hinnerk had found near to the Vanthampur Villa. Darry awkwardly bribed a passerby to turn a blind eye as Og pulled up the grate and they headed underground.

The shaft took them directly to the iron bars blocking further progress into the sewers under the Vanthampur Villa. The bars were weakened by acid but Og couldn’t budge them. Hinnerk eventually heaved a bar loose.

Unfortunately their incursion had been detected by the cultists within and they were ready for the party. Cultists with golden devilish masks attacked fervently with scimitars. Spiritual weapons in the form of fiery swords materialised, while masked spell casters tried to hold and confuse the party with grim enchantments. Xanthe, Leofric and Tunwéya threw volleys of magic missiles, eldritch blasts and ice knives which slammed into the cultists and the walls beyond them. Darry, Hinnerk, Og and Reya slashed their way through, leaving cultists on the floor and blood splattered on the damp walls.

Only two cultists survived and they fled. Leofric gave up pursuit of the one running to the east. The cultist running west disappeared behind a door and Hinnerk and Reya followed while the rest of the party regrouped.

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