28. The Duke

Hinnerk and Reya pursued one of the fleeing cultists through a dressing room and dormitory but then turned back after seeing the number of beds, worried there could be many more cultists about.

While looting the corpses, the party spotted a hidden door. Og and Hinnerk pried it open with a shield only to reveal three more cultists, a Barbed Devil and Duke Vanthampur herself.

A battle ensued and after loosing an arrow, Darry inevitably ran off to “out flank” the enemy. Og was paralysed in the doorway and only survived by sheer force of willpower with his half-orc endurance. Hinnerk got in close to the devil, Leofric traded Eldritch Blasts with the Duke, Tunweya threw an Ice Knife and healed Og and Xanthe whittled down the enemy with volley after volley of Magic Missiles.

As the tide turned against the cultists, the Duke tried to flee through a secret door, which to everyone’s surprise revealed Darry; whose tactical gambit had seemed to pay off. The Duke was cut down and party hacked away at the Barbed Devil with Reya striking the killing blow.

One cultist fled through the secret passage revealed by the Duke and another weighed up their options as Darry flew past in pursuit of the fleeing cultist.

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