29. “It’s OK, we saved the cat”

In the aftermath of the battle, Leofric found a Greatsword inside a statue of an angel. He felt radiant energy within it and decided to study it later.

Darry stood over Duke Vanthampur’s corpse and he noticed it twitch. The cadaver slowly rose up. Feathered wings covered in blood sprouted from its back and spread out. Something spoke to the party through the corpse and chastised them for interfering in matters beyond their understanding.

Hinnerk took a dose of Sight to try and learn more about what was happening. He felt his vision and mind sharpen. He looked into the Duke’s eyes and saw a vision of a burning landscape and a floating city being pulled by massive chains into a river.

Reya demanded to know where High Overseer Krieg was and the thing speaking through the Duke told her. She immediately ran to the room as the Duke’s body fell to the floor. Inside they found Krieg, eight chests of treasure and a golden shield on the wall. The party noticed that Krieg’s shadow was that of a pudgy, horned fiend with small wings.

Reya told Krieg she had brought those responsible for Elturel’s downfall to him and pointed at Hinnerk and Leofric. They confessed and the rest of the party stood there in stunned silence. Hinnerk and Leofric vowed to help get the city back. Krieg said Vanthampur had conducted a ritual on him that had failed but left his shadow deformed. The party consulted Aelar, a battered cultist that Og had been dragging around in a net. Aelar claimed that Krieg was lying. Krieg demanded that Aelar be killed as he was lying and the was one of the few people to know Krieg was alive. Reya attempted to kill the cultist and Og intervened twice before Reya killed Aelar on her third attempt.

The party looted the chests and Hinnerk put the shield in the bag of holding. – They suggested Reya and Krieg return to the Jhasso Manor and they agreed.

However, the party went upstairs and upon finding themselves in the Vanthampur Villa they decided to start a fire which Leofric magically accelerated. Darry kidnapped a monstrous looking cat that Hinnerk had found and was feeding.

While the Villa above burned rapidly, the party decided to quickly explore the sewer complex before leaving. Completely alone Darry stumbled on some prison cells guarded by a Bearded Devil. He attacked and then ran from the fiend as his friends converged on the sound of fighting and the devil was destroyed.

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