31. The Voyage to Candlekeep

Went on a mini shopping spree buying flowers, jellied candies, a wand of the war mage and a helm of water breathing.

Visited The Manticore and Hinnerk gave Cynder the flowers and sweets and then asked her to look after his “cat.” She said it was a Tressym and was rare and very intelligent. Leofric asked her where they might smelt some ingots they had procured but she baulked at the amount they had and said she couldn’t help. Cynder kissed Hinnerk before he left.

The party went to the docks and arranged passage on a ship called “The Adventurer of Hafeld” owned by Captain Witha. The ship was pulled by four giant seahorses and was transporting three ogres to Chult.

During their voyage Hinnerk found a stowaway dwarf called ?Harmath? The Captain wanted to throw him overboard but Hinnerk persuaded her otherwise. The dwarf turned out to be very poor at learning how to help run a ship.

Darry got to know the crew, lost at gambling on purpose and spotted some very fast pirates approach them. The pirates attacked before most of the party could get on deck.

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