32. Angry Ellen

The pirates boarded and attacked. Leofric blasted two of them off the side of the boat while the rest were skewered and slashed. The surviving pirates attempted to retreat to their ship only to be followed and beaten into submission.

The party took the ship (The Undead Quipper) finding the first mate (Alejandro) and the ship’s mascot (a moustached Tamarin called Ellen) still aboard. Captain Shannon and a pirate called Brenna also survived the fight. They looted the captain’s hoard taking 1200gp and found some potions they pocketed for later. They also found a keg of unidentified spirits.

Ellen turned out to have violent intentions and Leofric took her below decks in the Adventurer of Hafeld to try and straighten her out. He threatened to feed her to the Ogres in the hold but she bit him so he instinctively burnt her alive with hellfire. After chatting to the ogres, Leofric promised he would free them at some unspecified point in the future. He gave them the keg of spirits to cheer them up but the ogre that necked it didn’t look very well afterwards.

On board The Undead Quipper the group took on the following roles in order to run the ship: Darry (Captain), Hinnerk (First Mate), Og (Bosun), Leofric (Quartermaster), Tunweya (Surgeon), Cook (Harmath, the stowaway dwarf).

They dropped off the former captain (Shannon le Bouch) one day’s sail from Candlekeep (50 miles). Forcing her to swim ashore on top of a giant toad.

That night, Xanthe and Tunweya saw a bright object on a spire jutting out of the sea. They decided to sail on and maybe investigate on the way back. The next day they sighted Candlekeep and dropped anchor a little way off shore.

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