33. Hungry Hungry Harpies

The party left Natter Jack (Og‘s giant toad) on the ship with Harmath, Alejandro and Brenna. The giant toad was told to sit on and guard the folded up sails. Alejandro was given a list of tasks and a vague promise of payment.

The party rowed to shore and spotted some harpies hiding behind large rocks on the beach. One of the Harpies began to sing and Falaster and Hinnerk were entranced by the song. Darry ran ahead to attack, but ran straight into quicksand. Falaster and Hinnerk also fell into quicksand while involuntarily walking towards the source of the song.

A frantic battle commenced. Tunwéya paralysed a harpy as Falaster was set upon, lost consciousness and sunk deeper into the quagmire; only to be healed and attacked again. As the Harpy’s song ceased Hinnerk found himself no longer charmed but he too sunk further into the mire.

Xanthe was downed as a harpy grabbed her and tried to fly away. Og reacted quickest and almost killed the harpy with a precision Moonbeam spell. Tunwéya shot the injured harpy out of the sky and Xanthe fell from its grasp, narrowly avoiding more quicksand.

As the harpies tried in vain to pull Falaster out of the quicksand, Og swung his mighty axe and chopped a harpy’s wing. This caused the others beasts to flee while Leofric fired a few Eldritch Blasts at them. Falaster was hauled out of the quicksand and Og revived him. As Falaster came to he mumbled curses on the sand, the sea and the wretched beasts.

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