35. Catch!

The party retired to the House of Rest and went to sleep. Leofric was woken by a tamarin monkey that looked just like Ellen, the monkey he’d killed on the ship. It made a rude gesture at him and ran off. He chased it, summoned rats to help him but lost track of the monkey.

In the morning the party found Og already outside having got up and left the bunkhouse before them. They arranged for the looted golden Vanthampur bars to be smelted down by the blacksmith. He recognised the mark and negotiated a cut in return for his service and discretion. This will take one day.

Spoke to Falaster in the bathhouse.

Beyond the Emerald Gate in Candlekeep proper, the Levellers spoke to Sylvira at the top of her tower. They told her that the Archduke of Avernus, Zariel was likely responsible for Elturel’s disappearance; they had met High Overseer Krieg and his shadow was that of a pudgy horned devil; they were worried about the fate of Baldur’s Gate. She assumed that Krieg had entered into a contract with Zariel and somehow helped her to take Elturel. A copy of the contract would have provided further details and proven her suspicions. The shield the party had found with Krieg spoke to Leofric. It offered to tell the party exactly what Krieg was up to and what had happened to Elturel if they wielded it in three battles. Leofric suddenly threw the shield to Hinnerk. He caught it and Leofric fired an Eldritch Blast at the shield.

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