37. Monkey Business

In the tavern, a group of monks made comments about the Levellers and sneered in their direction. Darry tried to sneak up on them and listen in but fumbled and caught their attention. They blamed the party for the death of Brother Buron and one of the monks was quiet rude and told to calm down by his companions. They learnt that Buron’s corpse rested in the Temple of Oghma.

The group returned to the House of Rest. Leofric was worried about Ellen appearing at night again so Darry stole some flour from the kitchen and spread it on the floor. Later that night, Ellen did appear again, gestured at Leofric and ran off. Darry teleported to the main exit to the bunkhouse to block that off. Leofric followed the trail of floury footprints and they led another room. Hinnerk followed close behind. Leofric carefully opened the door to see Tunweya and Xanthe meditating and Og in a deep sleep. There was a trail of footprints leading to Tunweya. He confessed he’d been using his wildshape to torment Leofric at night. Stunned at the audacity of the trick, Leofric swore revenge and returned to bed.

The next day the group picked up their gold and platinum from the blacksmith. Leofric and Hinnerk picked up their clothes from the tailor. They also went to the Keeper of the Emerald Door to see what Sylvira had left for them. She’d given them a scroll of teleportation, a large magic spear called Embower, two silvered longswords and two silvered daggers. Tunweya, Xanthe and Darry went to the reading rooms to study The Book of the Raven and Lore of Larue. The Book of the Raven was brought to them by a monk. Darry left his two friends to look at the book and picked the lock of the door the monk had used. He persuaded the monk to take him to the spot where Buron died. There he found an image scratched into the stone.

In the corridors of the Pillars of Pedagogy, the reading rooms, the tavern and all over Candlekeep an earthquake shook the complex for only a few moments. A uneasy stillness followed.

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