46. The Watch Citadel

Darry and Xanthe planned a ruse to steal Kreig’s puzzle box from The Watch Citadel. They would pose as magic puzzle box detectors and Xanthe would claim that she could feel the presence of a puzzle box in The Citadel. They would offer to open the box for free, claiming they were on a quest to find a magic ring which had been hidden in one of the boxes. However, they planned to switch the box they had taken from Glassstaff with Kreig’s box. They would then open the box revealing a Sight crystal and take Kreig’s box for themselves. Xanthe took one of the sending stones with her and Tunwéya took the other.

Leofric, Hinnerk and Og stayed in the Three Old Kegs and Tunwéya went off in search of cigars.

Darry and Xanthe entered the Citadel Streets and were taken to the Citadel proper. They spoke to a captain called Shayna who took them to a room on the first floor of the main watch tower. She left to retrieve the box. While waiting for her, the guards talked about a guard called Soren who had taken ownership of a winged cat he had confiscated from a tavern. It’s owners were dead so he planned to have it killed and stuffed.

Shayna returned with a fake box. Xanthe could detect that Shayna had the real one on her person. However, instead of identifying the box as a fake, Xanthe attempted to open the fake box and then pretend it had caused her to faint. She was extremely unconvincing and Shayna kicked her in the ribs shouting at her to get up. She called them charlatans who were wasting her time and had the guards escort them to the prison cells. The guards confiscated all their weapons and items that could be used to escape. Darry retained a dagger and lockpick he had hidden on him.

Xanthe used the sending stone to tell Tunwéya they had been captured and asked her comrades for help. Tunwéya had just finished buying some fine cigars from a man he’d met on the street the previous day. He ran back and alerted the others. They then came up with their own foolproof, Citadel Infiltration Plan. This involved posing as bounty hunters from Neverwinter who were after thieves who claimed to be magic box investigators.

Tunweya, Hinnerk, Leofric and Og entered the Citadel Streets and convinced the guards to take them further into the complex. They passed a guard carrying a cat in a wicker crate. Waiting outside of the Citadel proper they paid the bail due on Xanthe and Darry and a guard went to inform Captain Shayna.

Meanwhile, Darry picked the locks on his and Xanthe’s cells. They heard footsteps approach and quickly returned to their cells, closing the doors. Shayna and a guard appeared and when the guard attempted to unlock Darry’s cell he found it already unlocked. Shayna drew her Katana, pointed it at Darry’s throat and walked him to the back of the cell. Darry used his Cape of the Mountebank to appear behind Shayna, steal the box from her and lock her in the cell.

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