47. Beware Derek

Darry and Xanthe broke out of the cells under the Citadel. They killed a number of guards in their escape attempt with Xanthe using thunderwave spells to good effect. Darry managed to incapacitate Shayna with a Hideous Laughter spell.

In the courtyard they fought on as more guards arrived and an alien looking tall humanoid (Derek) jumped down from the walls to join the fray.

Tunweya, Leofric, Og and Hinnerk looked on through the portcullis which the guards refused to raise. They chained their minds after Og intimidated them but the four Levellers only watched the fight in order to to keep their cover as bounty hunters in tact.

Derek downed Xanthe but missed dealing the killer blow on the unconscious wizard. Shayna shouted for her guards to stop fighting and asked for Darry to return the cube.

Darry tried to pass off the Glasstaff cube as Krieg’s cube but Shayna was not duped. Then he tried to gain an advantage by intentionally dropping Krieg’s cube on the floor. Shayna knew what he was up to, lost patience and moved to stab Xanthe. Darry managed to stab Shayna but couldn’t stop her from killing Xanthe.

Derek then picked up Xanthe’s body and started back towards the walls while Darry was put in manacles. The rest of the party looked on in horror.

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