49. A Bacon Buttie

The Levellers went through Xanthe‘s possessions and took what they wanted, the rest was stuffed into the bag of holding. They told Shanya about the contract and she took a copy of it. She suggested she might give them a job after they sorted out Elturel; except for Darry who she reiterated was exiled from the Upper City on pain of death.

Derek accompanied the party while they remained in the Upper City. The Levellers took him to a bakery and treated him to bacon and eggs. They then went to the nearest gate to the Lower City and Darry left to wait in the Smilin’ Boar while the others went to The Wide to leave a message for Reya (Hellrider). The message would tell her to meet them at The Manticore at 11pm that night.

The Wide was partially filled with market stalls selling a variety of goods that the group didn’t pay any attention to. Tunweya went to carve a message in a tree while Leofric and Hinnerk performed acrobatics as a distraction. Hinnerk nearly started a fight with a commoner who laughed at him when Hinnerk began to sing.

The group reconvened at the Smilin’ Boar. Hinnerk bought some drinks then suggested to the half-orc barman that they could go double or quits on the cost of the round for an arm wrestle. The barman agreed and Hinnerk put Og forward. The half-orc called for his dad and the hulking figure of a full Orc came though a door behind the bar. The Orc beat Og and Hinnerk paid double for the round.

The group went to Sorcerous Sundries to enquire about sending a message to Sylvira Savikas. The message sent was “Levellers have proof of Krieg contract. Confirms infernal deal. Await advice.” The owner Rivalen Blackhand sent the message for them but said that the length of time the reply would take depended on how important Candlekeep thought the message was. While they waited they looked though the stock. Tunweya sold his recently deceased friend’s Ring of Spell Storing. He bought a Staff of the Woodlands, Tome of Understanding, a magic bow and magic shortsword. Now they were valued customers, Rivalen seemed more inclined to help them find the items they wanted and went to look for some magic armour.

During their shopping spree a reply was received “Elturel in Avernus. The mage Traxildor can send you there. He will expect you. His tower is currently 3 miles due west of Baldur’s Gate.”

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