50. Tunwéya does homework

The Levellers bought some magical armour from Sorcerous Sundries. Rivalen offered them some cut priced health potions in return for some help marketing the shop including bringing him back a trophy from Avernus.

Tunweya decided he wanted to spend four days studying so he holed up in the Elfsong Tavern. Hinnerk and Darry won some money gambling.

Leofric and Darry went to the Shrine of Suffering and received a blessing from Ilmater.

All except Tunweya went to the Manticore and helped Cynder with the refugees. Darry sang, Og tended the ill and the rest served food.

In the night Reya climbed through a window but fell, waking the party up. They showed her the contract and explained what had happened to High Overseer Krieg and Elturel. She said Kreig would pay for his treachery and Darry encouraged her to go and kill him while Leofric urged caution and restraint. She decided to head off and confront Krieg and the party thought it best that they join her.

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