51. …then Leofric pissed on a Knight

Just as Leofric and Darry were about to follow Reya out of the window Og exclaimed that he had stolen a book from Candlekeep and felt he needed to return it. Darry was tempted to open it but Og’s god had said the book should not be opened. Og left, and was heard telling his axe it was the bestest axe there was.

Hinnerk stayed in bed while Reya lead Darry and Leofric to the refugee camp. There High Overseer Krieg was addressing a crowd, spouting rhetoric about building a new Elturel in Baldur’s Gate and sharing the wealth of the nobles with the common folk.

After the speech, Reya followed Krieg into his tent and confronted him with the contract, while Leofric pretended to be drunk and pissed on a Knight’s feet before running away. Darry skulked through the shadows between the tents.

With the sounds of a struggle coming from inside the tent, two knights ran inside only for Leofric to call forth the Hunger of Hadar, opening a gateway to unknowable horrors where they stood. Panic spread across the camp.

Darry shot a bolt at Krieg through the back of the tent. A raving Reya tried to convince the knights of Krieg’s betrayal as she dragged one away from reaching tentacles coming from the black void.

Krieg tried to run but was hit with bolts and eldrich blasts. Reya struck the last blow with her crossbow as Kreig fell and turned to ash.

Reya threw down her sword and persuaded the stunned knights of Krieg’s guilt. Meanwhile, Darry found a vial of yellow liquid and a dark iron coin amongst Kreig’s ashes. A silhouette of a pudgy winged devil had been burnt into the ground where he fell.

Inside Leofric found a foldable boat which nearly destroyed the tent when he inadvertently unfolded it. Darry found a large roll of vellum with a small paper note wrapped around it, 5 healing potions, shackles, necklace and some paper with diagrams.

Reya decided to stay with the refugees and make sense of Krieg’s betrayal. Darry and Leofric said she could always join them should she wish. As dawn approached they made their way back to The Manticore to find Hinnerk had already left without them.

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