52. Who watches the Watchmen?… Hinnerk

Hinnerk went to get his pay from the Flaming Fist. Spoke to a dwarven paymaster called Vonkohm. Hinnerk gave him 1 gold coin to help keep him quiet not tell Commander Zodge about his visit, but refused to pay more. He ordered Voddy (Wood Elf) and Rosamond (Gnome) to accompany him promising them some extra coin.

He followed a lead to a taxidermist (Furever Remembered) and intimidated the owner into giving him the address of Soren, the Watch member that he wanted to punish. In the shop he also found the Tressym, Slobberchops who had inadvertently lead the Watch to Cynder.

He caught Soren unaware and beat the shit out of him leaving him broken and terrified. Hinnerk paid Rosamond and Voddy 7 gold each to keep quiet. He returned to The Manticore and gave Slobberchops to Cynder who was grateful.

Darry shared out the loot found in Thavius Krieg’s tent.

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