57. Hinnerk Takes Notes

Hinnerk‘s player Matt is scheduled to write-up notes from this week. Until he’s done so, here are some placeholder notes about what took place:

  • Re-met with High Rider Klav Iakia, reported (having anonymised the data) on Grope Lane survivors; reported on gnoll activity (the vamps are aware, and mention that the gnoll leader is called Liashandra; invite the Levellers to find out more about what the gnolls are about and why they’re here in their city if they want)Went to The Dock House, home of Marisima Rathander, alongside a burned-out warehouse; opted to enter through the first floor balcony doorKnocked on door, answered by a tall, gaunt, mummy-like creature with glowing blue eyes, who was momentarily taken in by the party’s claim to be door-to-balcony-door salespeople and engaged in conversation, but when the party claimed to be friends of the residents he flew into a rage and attacked; Tunweya took the brunt of his claw attacks before Lulu’s trumpeting, Hinnerk’s expert swordsmanship and a storm of ocassionally-on-target eldritch blasts from Leofric hit back (Reya was there too, but couldn’t quite make contact in the cramped doorway); becoming injured, the creature teleported awayExploring the room inside, Tunweya tried to open a chest which turned out to have a magical trap that teleported him outside into where-the-river-used-to-be; now he was falling, he wildshaped into a beetle and fluttered his way on the breeze back the dockside, but only barely, and found himself outside the gnoll camp, the rest of the party worked out what had happened, abandoned their looting, and persuedWhen sneaking past the gnolls and their minotaur buddies to re-connect seemed too hard, the party tried talking (through Reya) to them, got an audience with Liashandra, who mostly advised the party to stay out of their way, but agreed that they had a shared enemy in the form of the devils and said that if the party ever figured out what the devils wanted with the city and how it can be taken from them, then look them up; the gnolls are an advance party from The Abyss, they came to the city through a portal to try to understand what the Hells are doing with it (and how they can exploit it for the benefit of Chaos)Heard that there’s a mage hiding out on the corner of Tormsgate and The Bridles who’s working on a magical way to bridge the city’s gap

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