58. Hinnerk Takes Notes, Again

Hinnerk‘s player Matt is scheduled to write-up notes from this week. Until he’s done so, here are some placeholder notes about what took place:

  • Headed from the Dragoneye Docks towards The Dock House via Dockside Trot; there found a group of spined/barbed devils assaulting a house; tricked them (under the threat of incoming gnolls) into leaving, then met the beseiged resident: Orin Ragron, a blacksmith. Rescued him, but he didn’t want to be deposited with the vampires at Shiarra’s Market so took him to the safe house under Grindel’s on Baker Street.
  • Headed back through the marketplace, updated administrator Edamo Bohl on progress who, with help of a female vamp, advised that the creature the party met in The Dock House could be Spurnyte Mal, a Zariel worshipper granted superpowers by the ruler of Avernus for his role in expediting Elturel’s fall.
  • Returned to The Dock House, in through front door, found body of male dwarven helrider Dunmar Axeshine, nicked his armour, met vampy kids torturing blinded injured hellrider scout, fought kids, interrupted by parents – the family turn out to be the Rathandas – fought parents, Marisima retreated to next room but cut down by Levellers in pursuit.

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