Darry Teasmoot

Darry is a Halfling Rogue/Bard, played by Dan. When the rest of the party went to see the wizard Traxigor with an plan to go to Hell and save Elturel, he stayed behind to try to help manage the refugee crisis in Baldur’s Gate.


Darry Teasmoot was brought up by his mother Mathilda in the Stout Halfling community of Tully’s Brae, on the main trade road into Taffen Keep, the capital of the Lathe of Laigenford. The (Human) Taffen nobles exert a tight grip on the the Halfling peasants, and povertry is widespread. Darry never knew his father and so couldn’t take a trade in the traditional way of his people (although he’s long suspected that his father might be a human trader and thief, Leinel, who routinely visited the village when Darry was a boy); instead he took an interest in gambling, game-playing, and sleight-of-hand, coming to earn a living either entertaining or else conning the travellers on the main road.

Darry’s dissatisfaction with the social order grew, bubbling beneath, but only burst out after he experienced his employers’ coldness over the illness and death of Darry’s mother. Darry slit the Lord Taffen’s throat and that of his concubine, robbed the Lord blind, and escaped by abseilling down the walls of the Keep and fleeing to the next province. There he swore to himself and before the gods of the town that his purpose now was to be a force for equality in the social order: redistributing wealth from the rich, greedy, and overprivileged into the hands of the serfs.

He travelled from town to town, conning and burgling landlords and feudal rulers and helping the poor before moving on, beginning in the process to fulfil his dream of seeing the world. Sometimes he follows his heart; sometimes he follows money; right now he’s working his way towards the town of Phandalin to try to lend his skills (and his bowstring!) to locals oppressed there by a violent gang. Escorting a wagon of mining equipment is just his way of hitching a ride!

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