Hinnerk Butcherskin

Hinnerk is a Human Fighter, played by Matt R.


After growing up in a port city with no desire to enter the family business I decided to join a merchant ship. The life of a sailor looked great when they were in port telling stories and buying drinks, but out there on the ship it was pretty dull. Occasionally there would be some light smuggling, or rarely we’d be threatened by pirates but usually they’d be seen off by the navy so if I wanted adventure that was where I would have to go. The navy was more exciting (especially as a marine) but the rules and discipline could be too restrictive at times. Eventually I left the service a little earlier than I should have. And without the proper documentation. And with some items that others may claim belonged to the ship. A stickler for the rules could hold me to account for this, but a pragmatist could overlook it.

Personal Goal: I want to be a great hero, that people admire and inspires songs and can hold a room in thrall. I heard from someone that there’s a dragon in the Old Tower near where Thundertree was. I couldn’t take it on right now, but maybe with a bit more experience; a magic sword; and a friend or two..?


A quick, easy job: a few gold, sit on a cart, listen to a dwarf’s stories, but instead I got you guys. I now see the difference between shipmates and true comrades. Like Darry: I don’t always understand what he’s on about with class-struggle, but he won’t turn his back on cruelty and I like that about him. Wish I was a bit more like that myself. Mind, I wish he was more likely to get stuck-in to a fight. Remember those Redbrands? Before you lot I’d’ve been fine to live and let live, but then what they did to that family and how you lot not standing for it, well, I was proud to stand with you. And it’s not been easy at times. We found that demon and the bitch beguiled me into walking straight into hell but Leofric came right after him and I’ll never ever forget that. There’s nowt that’ll make me betray him, or any of you, and woe betide the fool who seeks to cross any of you.

Wasn’t too bad being in the Flaming Fist. Learnt a bit, and most of the bosses were fine enough to not rub me the wrong way. Helped having a goal in mind, something to work to. Never really had that before. Aye, each ship I’d been on had a purpose but this was new. Something bigger. More important. I’m still not daft enough to give my life for an idea, mind. But then Eltrurel disappeared and that’s changed stuff. A whole city full of people gone just like that, for nowt. I mean, if someone’s got a treasure you want then you can fight ’em – kill ’em maybe – ‘cos the world owes no-one nothing and we’ve all got to make our way, right? If your way is in my way we can have a fair fight and there’s no sense crying over it, however things fall. Who are you going to cry to anyway? But that city. A whole city. That’s not right, and anyone who’s working for that deserves killing. And them who made it out deserve all the help I can give ’em. I was worried, as I had no idea how to explain it you. I don’t have the words for all this stuff like Darry does. Turns out I didn’t need to. You feel the same way I do. So now we’ll sort this mess out.

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