Leofric Thistlegilt

Leofric is an Elven Warlock, played by Alec.


Freed from a mining disaster and slavery in the Underdark by an Earth Primordial to whom he now owes allegiance, Grumbar.

Rejected by the elves upon trying to reintegrate as his affinity for rocks is frankly more befitting a dwarf and he kept leaving trails of grit.

He has a firm hatred of the Drow, his former captors and is highly evangelical about the potential for Grumbar to bring geological order to the world.


The arrow slid home between Leofric’s ribs and without enough time to register pain, the world went black and he sank down through the ocean of his consciousness. He was next aware of the feeling of titanic continental platforms drifting across a globe, this was the geological dance he had felt before when he was saved last from death. Now was another time not to die, there was more to do to bring about the rise of mountains.

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