Ogodrok O’the’lite

Og is a Half-Orc Paladin, played by Claire.


Human mother Camellia handmaid/cleaner/general helper. Og grew up in a cloister, his mother was being was protected by the clergy there and allowed to bring him up as long as he did some fetching and carrying and the like. Also turned out to be a decent cook so helped out in the kitchen a lot. Remember shadows in the woods when he was very small that the priests chased away. Maybe just a nightmare. Spent a lot of time in the grounds tending to plants and helping with healing. Favourite tree in a grove near the grounds of the cloister. Good place to escape to when things got difficult (feeling stupid, done something wrong, been bullied by younger disciples, etc.) One night after crying himself to sleep over something one of them said to him about how he was made, he ran off to this grove. Hadn’t been there at night before, everything looked different. Strange light in tree. Spoke to him in booming voice. Told him to protect the tree. [In reality this was a gnome who knew the priests had plans to cut down this part of the forest, gnome just wanted to protect this bit. He used his prestidigitation powers to try to get the stupid oaf to agree to protect it.] Ogodrok (Oggy to his mum) took it on a bit strong and now wants to protect all of nature against any who would seek to destroy it. Believes it was a divine instruction, but his oath is just as meaningful as if it actually were. The gnome dropped him an acorn attached to a leaf, he has had these encased in sap resin and made into an amulet to show his fealty to the cause.

He didn’t leave that night. He explained his beliefs to his mother, who indulged them but tried to frame them within those of the church he was brought up in. They argued more and more. He fought to protect the grove and won, but he had to get away and do good elsewhere, rather than what he saw as paltry efforts by the church and directed towards the wrong things, sometimes. When he came of age at 14 (half-orcs grow quick) he asked to leave and his mother assented. The rest of the cloister were mostly happy not to have him around though there was a kindly old priest or two he had liked and who would miss him. He set off for the nearest town to seek quests aligned with his principles, but finds nothing particularly attuned. Does meet Tunweya and they get talking, both agree to do mining thing.

Some principles:

  • Protect Nature
    This doesn’t mean not eating meat (plants are just as alive as animals after all), but killing things for fun is definitely out, as is harming any living being without reason. Especially oak. Doesn’t like when things are made of oak. Happily, he doesn’t know how to identify oak so won’t know unless he’s told.
  • Protect Life
    Even when it comes to enemies, nobody should be killed if they can be saved. Will actively try to save dying enemies as long as no allies are in danger. Killing is for preventing greater harm, destroying evil, or natural small amounts for food (no excess).
  • Circle of Life
    Nothing should be wasted. The dead should be consumed or buried to feed the fungi and plants. No burning bodies unless tainted. No discarding what can still be used. Especially if something had to die, all of it should be used.

Second name is because his mum always told him he was “of the light” and neither of them used a surname during their time at the cloister.

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