Xanthe was an Elven Wizard, played by Penny.


Xananthria “Xanthe” is a high elf wizard, formerly of the Oghma Church in Exile, but her faith in her god remains strong. Her mission is her own but, for now, she seeks another in Phandalin and welcomes the company on her journey there. She was grateful for Tunweya‘s recommendation that Rockseeker recruit her and for the company of a fellow scholar. Xanthe has met Darry before but he does not yet recall where from. She does not know how she will continue with her mission alone.

She has spent her life dedicated to Oghma, all-seeing god of knowledge, and spent years learning the lore of the multiverse. She believes that the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge is for the benefit of all. To her. tyrants who seek to suppress and contol it are the worst villains. So, I share my knowledge freely and use what I have learned to help where I can.

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