1. The Road to Phandalin

Map showing the High Road heading South from Neverwinter and the Triboar Trail heading off it towards Conyberry and via the route to Phandalin.

On the way to Phandalin the party were ambushed by Goblins and Ogodrok was nearly killed but Hinnerk bravely rushed to protect him. The goblins were slain and it was assumed that Gundrun and Sildar were ambushed here but met a worse fate. Darry found some tracks leading to a Goblin trail which Tunwéya, Leofric and Xanthe followed. Xanthe was sent back to camp with the others when it was noticed that she was badly injured. Tunwéya narrowly avoided a snare trap before falling into a pit after he was distracted by a rare flower. Leofric climbed a tree and spotted a cave thought to be the hideout of the goblins. The two scouts returned to the group and they all camped for the night. The following morning they set off for the cave and snuck up on two lazy goblin sentries.

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