38. Jumping to Conclusions

In the aftermath of the earthquake many monks gathered in the Court of Air as a Dragonborn of green dragon ancestry gave orders and consulted with other sages as they arrived. The party discovered the Dragonborn was the First Reader known as Bookwyrm.

Xanthe and Tunwéya explained what they had learnt from the Book of the Raven.

The party returned to Sylvira and asked her if they could speak to Bookwyrm about the recent murder of Buron. He arrived at Sylvira’s tower but seemed to distrust the party possibly due to them being the last ones to see Buron alive.

Leofric assured Bookwyrm that they were a trustworthy group and they wanted to get to the bottom of this Buron business and get on with finding out what had happened to Elturel. Bookwyrm said ‘We shall see” and cast a Zone of Truth spell on the party. Og immediately jumped out of the window and began to plummet towards the ground 200ft below.

Darry cast feather fall on his companion and as Og floated to the ground the group questioned Bookwyrm. He said that some of the Avowed has spoken to the spirit of Buron who had informed them a group called the Livestock had taken over the condemned tower known as the Barn Door. He believed they planned to steal books from Candlekeep but he was unsure how they planned to remove them from the library fortress. Bookwyrm gave The Levellers directions to the Barn Door and the command word to bypass the Arcane Lock spell on the Barn Door’s entrance. Darry also questioned Bookwyrm about his first love finding out her name was Ugraxon.

Leofric leapt out of the window and attempted to follow Og. He used a Suggestion spell to persuade him to come back but Leofric couldn’t get Og to tell him why he’d been acting strangely. They both headed to the Barn Door to wait for the others.

As the rest of the party left, Sylvira reminded them that Elturel was most likely in peril and they shouldn’t forget about investigating its disappearance. She told the party she needed either the contract Thavius Krieg had signed, more information from the man himself or some other clue as to what had happened to Elturel.

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