5. A Forensic Investigation

Tunwéya and Ogodrok investigated the Woodcutter’s house for clues to learn more about his murder. In a small outdoor sawmill they found a dead body, its throat slit and face mutilated. Tunwéya deduced had been there for less than 10 hours. Nearby they found a set of dwarven size clothes, leather armour and a bloodstained dagger. They searched the house and found it had not been lived in for at least a tenday. Ogodrok found a tree stump box hidden under the bed. Inside he found a stash of coins which Tunwéya took.

Darry and Hinnerk asked around trying to find out which house belonged to the townmaster. Once they located the house Darry scouted it out and Hinnerk kept watch. Darry found that someone was in the kitchen cooking so did his best to avoid their attention and kept away from that room. He broke in through a window and found himself in a study. He sprung a lock on a desk and read three letters. He left the letters but took two stones that had hands carved into them. He moved through the house into the bedroom. Under a rug, under a floorboard he triggered a needle trap but managed to resist the worst of the poison effects due to his stout resistance. He took the box from under the floor and left the house. Back in the tavern the party met up and discussed their next move. They retired to a private room and opened the box Darry had found. Inside were 5gp and a note in the Townmaster’s handwriting that said “The Gods may not be watching you but I am.”

The party went to the Sleeping Giant Inn where a Redbrand lieutenant Florina asked the party to kill Daran Edermath in order to prove themselves to the Redbrands. They asked for one of the Redbrand’s distinctive capes to leave on the corpse. Instead of carrying out the request, Darry went to Edermath to persuade him to leave town for 24 hours while the party faked his death. The rest of the party went to the Woodcutter’s and retrieved the corpse they had found there earlier. They cut off its ears so it would not obvious it was a human and not a half elf. Hinnerk also used his butchering skills to wrap the head up like a ham to stop any bits falling out.

Edermath agreed to the plan, collected his things and left. The party dressed the corpse in Edermath’s clothes, draped the Redbrand cloak around it and strung it up from an apple tree. They returned to the Redbrands and once it was confirmed the job had been done, the party were directed to Tresendar Manor, the secret hideout of the Redbrands. When they arrived, the wizard Glasstaff tasked them with killing Sildar publically and offered 1000gp for the job. The party were sceptical about the job but agreed to it.

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