19. …and stay down!

Hinnerk charged into the zombie filled room and surrounded by the rotting stench of undead he began to hack and slash his way through them. Og and Tunwéya waded in as the zombies started to fall. Xanthe provided ranged back up. Her magic missiles slammed into the zombies taking chunks out of them. Despite being knocked down and considered re-dead, some of the zombies rose up and fought on. They were all eventually defeated with the last one proving particularly stubborn, getting back up four times before being killed for good.

The corridor by the zombie room was tight so Darry and Leofric couldn’t help fight the zombies. Instead they began to explore the northern exit from the torture chamber. Darry spotted an armoured cultist who fired an arrow and ran off. Darry also ran back with Leofric exploring further in the opposite direction. He was confronted with four more cultists who let off a volley of arrows at him. Darry and Tunwéya spotted some scratch marks on the floor near where the first cultist stood. Leofric’s friends quickly joined him as he unleashed a few devastating Shatter spells. Tunwéya cast a spell that caused a cultist’s chainmail to become searingly hot and they howled in pain. As the battle came to a conclusion with the adventurers prevailing, Darry spotted someone crouching behind an open sarcophagus. The party surveyed the aftermath with five dead cultists, Vendetta unconscious and three torch lit tombs ahead of them.

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