25. How to Hire a Horse

Klim came to breakfast dressed in armour and with a rapier at his side. He listened intently to talk of the party’s next plans and nodded in agreement to all suggestions. He seemed to be expecting to come with them on their enquiries. Hinnerk persuaded Klim to stay in the manor.

The party remembered their cover story of Reya being a horse riding instructor but Klim explained that he didn’t have any horses in the stables. He asked for and was given 20gp to buy a horse with. The party later told Reya to follow him and make sure he wasn’t swindled and ensure he actually used the money to buy horses.

The party travelled to the Basilisk Gate to interrogate the dwarf Og and Hinnerk had nearly killed the night before. Leofric threatened to hit him with an Eldritch Blast and the the dwarf, Grotus began to talk. He said the weapons marked with a black spider had come via ship from Neverwinter. He was just a sailor on The Deliverance captained by Erden Bahur. It should still be docked in the harbour. The party gave Grotus 4gp and a platinum ring and let him go.

Og, Xanthe and Tunwéya went to the refugee camp with another wagon of food. Og and Tunweya tended to the sick while Xanthe spoke to Gwennora, one of the Hellriders who had taken charge of the camp. Gwennora seemed unsure whether to trust that Xanthe was helping Reya so she gave her a question to ask Reya that only she would know. If the correct answer was given to Gwennor she would know she could trust Xanthe. The question was “What is in the Creed Resolute?” She also wrote a message for Reya and gave it to Xanthe.

Upon returning to the Jhasso Estate, Reya informed the party that Klim had visited the Low Lantern before buying two of the most useless nags she had ever seen. Xanthe told Reya of her dealings with Gwennora. Reya said the answer to the question was ‘the names of the citizens of Elturel’. She also said the message Gwennora sent simply said “Hurry.”

Darry and Hinnerk went to the Vanthampur Villa and told the guards they wanted to speak to the Duke. The guards seemed unmoved by the request and it was only when Darry took aim at the two ravens perched on boundary wall did the guards take them seriously. The birds apparently belonged to Thurstwell Vanthampur. They were led into the manor where they heard frustrated screams coming from upstairs. They told Duke Vanthampur that the Hellriders were looking for Thavius Krieg but she asked why they had come to her about that. She said she knew nothing about his whereabouts. She was however interested in speaking to a Hellrider and suggested that Darry and Hinnerk bring one to her. She didn’t elaborate on how this could be done given they are not allowed into the city. Hinnerk mentioned the black spider weapons but she did not know what he was talking about.

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