36. The Wrong Book

A tense standoff ensued as Sylvira cast defensive spells upon herself and stood ready. Only Tunwéya noticed an imp enter the room, creep over to the desk and begin writing. The Shield explained that it wanted to taste real battle where life and death was at stake and not a mere duel. The imp had written out a contract that detailed the terms of the deal the Shield offered.

Leofric asked Sylvira her advice and she told them not to make a deal with the Shield. It contained a powerful devil called Gargauth whose influence corrupted those around it. The party decided not to make a deal at the present time.

Sylvira dismissed Falaster suggesting he had failed her. She told the party she needed either the contract Krieg had signed, more information from the man himself or some other clue as to what had happened to Elturel. She gave them a Zone of Truth scroll which may be of use. She said she’d send more items to help them to the Keeper of the Emerald Door tomorrow.

Leofric, Og and Hinnerk went to the tailors. Leofric ordered a yellow fur waistcoat and some bright blue harem trousers. Hinnerk ordered a dress for Cynder, an overcoat for himself and boots and a robe for Falaster. Og bought some purple monks robes. – In the reading rooms Xanthe, Darry and Tunwéya researched devils, demons and disappearing cities learning about Infernal Contracts, Zariel’s origins and the Hellriders of Elturel. They also studied The Blood War which talked of the continuing war between Devils and Demon’s fought on the first layer of the Nine Hells.

They were also brought the Lore of Lurue and Kandlekeep Dekonstruktion (they had actually requested The Book of the Raven) by a sickly monk who seemed keen for them to read the latter. Upon looking at it they saw that it contained plans for many of the towers in Candlekeep proper. They also found a bookmark at an unusual set of renderings for a tower known as the Barn Door.

Sister Amonar interrupted them and broke the silence spell telling them their time for the day was up. She confiscated Kandlekeep Dekonstruktion asking how they had got it. She apologised for the mix up and said that the Book of the Raven would be found for them the next day.

Xanthe, Darry and Tunwéya returned to the tavern and rejoined their companions.

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